I hope that by sharing with you some tips on what kills attraction will save you some time of struggling with women or even better will help you avoid doing those mistakes in the first place. Let’s dig in!

#1 Having No Idea What To Do

It has taken me ages before I realized how important for women is to know that you’re the man of a situation and you know what to do. Even if you don’t pick the world coolest solution, that’s fine with them. What is one of the biggest turn offs for women is a man who asks them what they want to do.

Be the man, take responsibility and action and become creative. Internet is full of ideas of what you can do to have fun with women. There are thousands of things that are original and I guarantee you women will love you when you show them you know where to take them and what to do with them.

#2 Looking To Her For Approval

Who is the man? You. So why don’t you act like one? I know my mums have been telling us all our childhood to be nice on women. This has lead us to a very big mistake – we put women on a pedestal, we perceive them as half-gods and sometimes we kiss their asses.

It’s not that unusual to see men acting like dogs when they’re around women they’re attracted to. They’d do anything to catch their attention and to win their approval. Stop that, this is not our role! I know women are beautiful, they smell good and they can be sexy as hell, but that doesn’t mean they’re your god.

The real men have a mindset that whatever happens with a woman is cool with them. They don’t need a woman’s approval for doing something.

#3 Being Nice Guy

If you have ever seen any movie where women were talking about relationships, I’m pretty confident to write you must have noticed that women like nice guys, but aren’t attracted to them. They’re attracted to bad guys. Why? Women aren’t lead (in terms of attraction) by a mind, they’re lead by emotions.

I’m not saying you should immediately switch to the “jerk side”, but try to eliminate your nice guy side at least from the beginning when you want to attract women. If you’re in a relationship with a woman, the nice guy is almost necessary. But for the attraction you need to get rid of that.

#4 Buying Her Attention

You’re in a bar, you see a beautiful woman and the first thing that comes to your mind is to show her how gallant you’re and you buy her a drink, right? Wrong! So wrong!

Try to think as the woman. You’re in a bar, you want to have some fun and all of a sudden some unknown/random guy pops up and buys you a drink. What does it tell her?

It tells her a lot of things about you, but none of them will make her attracted to you. The worst thing is that if you do this approach, you’re just telling women that you need to buy their attention, because you believe there is nothing interesting about you. So you basically exchanging your money for a couple of seconds/minutes with her.

#5 Giving Away Your Power

There is no rule you should be in charge like the Alexander the Big, but the natural role of men is to lead, protect, solve problems and have solutions. Now if a guy asks a woman what would she like to do, if he seeks for her approval or if he buys her attention, what the woman reads between lines? No power.

#6 Telling Feelings Too Early

Whether we like it or not, women are emotional and weaker than men are. And whether we like it or not, women are scared of men who tell them on a second date how much they like them.

#7 Having Zero Idea How Attraction Works

The difference between how attraction works for men and women is just huge. We men are extremely visual. We can see a beautiful woman for 1 second and instantly we know we’re attracted to her. Not women. They don’t operate on the same level as we do.

Have you ever noticed how many unattractive men date attractive women? I’m sure you must have seen plenty of those. And have you ever noticed how many unattractive women date attractive men? I’d say you haven’t. Women aren’t attracted to looks as much as men are. Write that into your mind.

If you find yourself suffering from those things, I’d strongly recommend you to think about David Wygant’s Men’s Mastery Series program, which is designed to transform you from a guy to the real man. I’ve gone through the program and I’m glad I did!


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